Community support

Community Nursing

Community Nursing provides Primary Health Care which is carried out by a system of health facilities that are designed to meet the health needs of the community in which they are situated. The following represents the basic program and service distinctions among the various facilities.

Health Centres

Community Health Centres are located in Carcross, Teslin, Carmacks, Pelly Crossing, Destruction Bay, Haines Junction, Beaver Creek, Faro, Dawson, Ross River, Old Crow and Mayo. These health units are staffed by one or more nurses and auxiliary staff. Community Nurse Practitioners (CNP), in the absence of a physician, provide daily clinics for medical treatment, community health programs and 24-hour emergency services. Clients requiring more specialized care are referred to a hospital.


A 12-bed hospital facility is located in Watson Lake. The Watson Lake Hospital provides 24-hour emergency medical treatment, short term admissions and respite care clients requiring more specialized care may be referred to Whitehorse General Hospital or hospitals out of the territory.

Community Health

Community Health Nurses (CHN’s) are located in Watson Lake, Dawson City and Whitehorse Health Centre. CHN’s provide a wide range of preventative health services.

Programs delivered by the facilities include Community Health Programs

  • Maternal-Child (e.g. Prenatal, Well Child)
  • Well Woman
  • School Health
  • Chronic Disease Follow Up
  • Geriatric
  • Home Visiting
  • Health Education/Promotion - includes a variety of areas (e.g. nutrition, environmental health, mental health, dental health, AIDS, etc.)
  • Immunization
  • Adult Health
  • Communicable Disease (e.g. TB, Sp's, HIV Testing)

Treatment Programs

  • 24-hour emergency care including responding to highway accidents with ambulance
  • daily (5 days/week) walk-in/outpatient/clinic for primary care including dispensing specific medications
  • visiting doctor clinics
  • referrals