Dental and denture clinics

Children's Dental Services are provided by Yukon Government through the schools.
Adult Dental Services are not covered under Yukon Health Care.
First Nation citizens receive Dental Health care through their band office.

Watson Lake
Watson Dental Clinic (call for schedule of dentist visits)

Arctic Elite Dental:  867-668-6270
Chilkoot Dental Clinic :  867-668-3909
Dandelion Dental Clinic:  867-667-7227
Elias Dental:  867-393-3700
Kids Dental Clinic:  867-668-6136
Klondyke Dental Clinic:  867-668-3152
Murraya Dental Clinic:  867-633-4401
Pearson Dental Clinic:  867-668-6077
Pine Dental Clinic:  867-668-2273
Whitehorse Dental Clinic:  867-667-4486
Yukon Children's Dental Clinic (YG):  867-667-8360

Denturists in Whitehorse (Private)
Northern Denture Clinic:  867-668-6818
Yukon Denture Clinic:  867-668-2510