• provides Yukon residents with reliable health information you can trust
    Yukon HealthGuide
    It expands on the information in Yukon HealthGuide handbook and Do I Need to See the Nurse/Doctor?
  • find in-depth information on over 3,500 health topics
    In partnership with HealthLink BC
    Including a medication library and other self-care resources


The Yukon HealthFiles are easy-to-understand fact sheets on health and safety topics

Community support

Community support in Yukon are provided by community nursing, health centres and hospitals.

Medical library

Through the HealthLink BC website, Yukoners can access information about prescription and over the counter medications.


Yukon HealthGuide and Do I need to see the nurse/doctor? publications.

HealthGuide online

Yukon Health and Social Services has partnered with HealthLink BC to provide Yukon residents with access to the Canadian version of the Healthwise® Knowledgebase.

How to find a doctor in Whitehorse:

Call (867) 393 - 6980 to find out which physicians are taking new patients. This information is updated regularly.